Harvey L. Covey, Jr.


I was born in the mountains of western Pennsylvania, the oldest son of six and raised there to my early teen years when my parents moved us to Ohio to follow a new direction. After a year in Ohio, we moved once again; this time to Minnesota where I finished out my childhood, met and married my ex-wife, raised two lovely children and spent 37 years working for one of the largest and fastest growing financial institutions in America.

I write music and poetry, as well as stories and I play several instruments including the guitar, the 3-string banjo and the trumpet.

I have a great love for the prairies and the lakes of the Midwest and have found much inspiration here. I love the outdoors and spend a great deal of my personal time at my cabin (view blog) which my family and I built with our own ingenuity and hard work on my property in the north woods near Banning State Park.

I recently put together my first novel which I plan to follow up with more installments of the series. I hope you enjoy my work, and I hope to offer more in the near future.


View my blog about Woodpecker Hollow. The camp where I got the inspriation for the "River Brooke" book series, the first of which is shown below.